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Yesterday's food

What with the commotion, I forgot to load the pictures and prepare that post...
Breakfast was as the day before (except for a different book):

Lunch, drinks and dinnerCollapse )


Crumbs. Already?
Time flies.

Breakfast with Laurie. R. King this morning and some Swedish "kaviar" on matze (since I was at Ikea, yesterday, I picked up wild strawberry vodka and the smoked roe. Did not remember how salty the stuff was so the first sandwich was a little sharp.

Lunch, dinnerCollapse )


Four bits of dried bread toasted this mornign with two cubes of cream cheese:

(that's the cream cheese in the small packets, I thought you might want to know what it looked like proportion wise)

After a visit to Ikea, lunchCollapse )


Today I went out to get a haircut so I had a first latte macchiato, then an hour later a second one with a cornetto salato:

after the haircut I went to Gusto al' 28 for lunchCollapse )


There was an early breakfast involving mini bread puddings (8 to 10) and two cubes of cream cheese:

Then we went to the other side of Italy for lunchCollapse )

Sunday, lazy Sunday...

Lazy sunday started with breakfast made of molten chocolte digestives (they don't do well in our current climate):

Followed by...Collapse )Followed by...Collapse )

Saturday (I think)

I went to the market today, so it HAS to be saturday.
Had a latte macchiato at the bar,
No breakfast today so...
Let's jump directly into lunchCollapse )

Friday's food

Today started a little too early for my taste: Ansia started to make a pest of herself at abotu 04:15.
Breakfast was three buttered piadine made with spelt,
Here's one:

Then I went out for shoppingCollapse )


I had two slices of bread with two cubes of cream cheese in the morning:


And that was all until 17:20...Collapse )

Feels like a Saturday...

But they tell me it's only Wednesday. Cool.
Breakfast and lunch were bundled together today.
That was my breakfasty part:

The rest hereCollapse )