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Monday and back at work

So two latte macchiati.
And two more of those "fermenti lattici" things

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I had a latte macchiato this morning and later in the morning, I worked on my lactose intollerance with two of these:

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Yesterday's food

Let's see...
There was some bread and butter (and more Barbara Nadel) with tea.
They failed to satisfy: the bread was fresh yet not crunchy (the weather was a tad humid) and the butter... Maybe I just came off butter (or it doesn't withstand the heat, even in my fridge).

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No breakfast.
No tea.
No coffee of any kind.
Not even an aperitif.
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Thursday. Already. Sigh...

Breakfast with my computer this morning (and after a blood test too).

I had two more slices of toast, with only one cube of cream cheese this time.

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Breakfast with white rice and Laura Benedict:

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Breakfast with China Mieville (as well as some rusks and two cubes of cream cheese):

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Breakfast with rusks, ricotta and creamed roe this morning.

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Breakfast with Bernard Tirtiaux: Whole grain and cereals rusks with Greek yoghurt and home made rhubarb jam:

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It's Saturday AGAIN.
Two latte macchiati while doing the shopping.
No breakfast as I had to run errands instead.

Lunch started with pasta of course:

Alla carbonara because someone gave us some fresh eggs yesterday.
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